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Madoc Farmers' Market

The Madoc Farmers' Market has been established in order to conduct a seasonal market for the residents of Madoc Municipality and Township of Madoc. The market vendors will sell and promote local farm produce and food products for the benefit of the Madoc & Township community, local farmers and businesses.

Starting June 15th to September 14th.

Thursday's from 4pm to 7pm.

Township of Madoc - Parking Lot (Hwy 62 North)


The Madoc Farmers' Market will be a vibrant and economically sustainable Farmers' market offering seasonal, fresh, locally grown produce in a manner that supports and increases traffic to the community. The Madoc Farmers' Market will be an important ecologically sound social and cultural addition to Madoc; a place for the local community to purchase locally produced products and to establish direct connections with the surrounding farming community.

Key Objectives of The Market

  • To create a place where local farmers can sell their produce and food products.
  • To create a place where residents of, and visitors to Madoc can purchase fresh, locally grown and produced foods.
  • To create a place for the pleasurable gathering of the Madoc community to socialize and mingle with local producers and our local farm community.
  • To create a place that restores the link between farmers and consumers. Farmers can learn what products and food producing practices the local consumers are seeking and consumers can learn more about the seasonality of food production and growing practices of the local farm community.
  • To enhance local economic viability. A vibrant Farmers' Market will contribute to the image of Madoc as a place to stop, shop, and visit.

For Vendor Package click on VENDOR INFO below. Please return the package to the Chamber of Commerce office - 84 St. Lawrence St. W. Madoc or you can email the package to madocchamber@gmail.com

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