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BUSINESSPERSON OF THE YEAR AWARD: Recognizes an individual who demonstrates innovation and or outstanding achievements in but not limited to business success leadership community involvement creative business initiatives.

BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD: The business or non for profit must have an exceptional business achievements relating to a variety of areas including but not limited to customer service, new markets, products, marketing, and the environment.

NOT FOR PROFIT OF THE YEAR AWARD: Recognizes a registered not for profit/charity organization which has exceptional community services and leadership within our community.

INNOVATION AWARD: Awarded to a business or organization that has been operating for a minimum of one year and has created and invented and developed an innovative product or process that has resulted in significant increase in revenue or job creation, productivity or quality, reduction in costs and or improvements in service in the following areas: new product, technology and management, manufacturing processes and customer service

ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR AWARD: An entrepreneur takes a vision and turns it into a profitable reality, this award recognizes someone from the community who exemplifies these qualities centred on an enterprise no more than three years old and one that has undergone significant shift in focus within that period of time. Specific criteria included but not limited to must be for a profit business that has demonstrate leadership, daring and creativity, steady revenue growth, unique marketing concept and community involvement.

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS & PROFESSIONALS AWARD: Sponsored by: TD BANK, Madoc - An award to an individual between the age of ten and twenty-five who has tackled the challenges of entrepreneurship and or has demonstrated professional growth and success in their respective field of work.  List of YEP members is available by call the Chamber office.

COMMUNITY BUILDER AWARD: Awarded to an outstanding business or organization that in the past year, has been in operation for a minimum of two consecutive years, supported charitable or not for profit organization on an ongoing basis, demonstrated a willingness to make the community better, demonstrated a vision of a better community and has taken steps to make it happen, practice good corporate citizenship made exceptional contributions by promoting community betterment.

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